Representation on the Line II (Un)framing our Identities - Chelsea

27th June - July 2019

The start of a touring exhibition, Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities was launched as a satellite event for Photo London in May featuring 24 photographers work filling the basement of the old telephone exchange in Chelsea. Phase II invited 90 other females to exhibit alongside filling the ground floor. 

The series Twenty Trees is presented alongside emerging and established artists.

Format Fringe Festival

15th March - 14 April 2019

Dotted and Scattered a special series of work evolved from a visit to the Western Isles.  My son Harry, age 9 was intrigued by how the communities were spread across the landscape and asked if we could make a book called ‘Dotted and Scattered’.  

The work combined both of our images and Harry created the text based on his experience of the visit. The images and the book presented at Derby Photo Fringe alongside the Format Photo Festival. 

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