The majority of my work focuses on woodland and forests, my fascination with this area of landscape stems from my father who worked for Groundwork during the 1980s, his work revolved around greener living spaces within the greenbelt of our city, Salford.  As a child my brother and I would often help in planting programmes and were regulars within the local woods, which at the time was managed by rangers. These woods are now my local area for walking in with my own family and my son shares his love and respect for this green environment.  Living just within the M60 ring road as it joins the M61 our woodland spans across a large intersection of carriageway as it cuts right through this established area of trees and the grounds of an early medieval manor house. I have documented this woodland for several years and it is mainly undisturbed, traces of the work from the times when the woodland was managed can still be seen in small areas. As I document these trees that hug the line of the motorway, there is always the hum of traffic as it passes by, but still I find these woods so tranquil. 

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